"Christine took my ideas and created the words for my soon to be launched new website. She listens very carefully to what needs to be written, and then creates the words to match the mood and personality of the client. Thank you, Christine, for your clarity and persistence!"

Robert Sherman, Certified Massage Therapist
"We've worked with Christine Miller for several years. She takes great pride in all the work she does, and goes out of her way to be very accommodating. Her reports are well-written, detailed, and clear."

Kelsey, Investigative Services
Agoura Hills, CA
"I hired Christine to edit my upcoming book; throughout our working relationship, she was reasonably priced, professional, skilled, and in essence, enhanced the book to create a moving, powerful, engaging piece of work. She had the insight as we worked together to understand what inspired the book, and how to capture the message I was attempting to convey. Christine is a powerhouse editor, writer, and her efforts were invaluable. I couldn't have asked for more."  Denise Sassoon

Denise Sassoon
"I used Christine on my last two book projects.  She jumped in and saved the day!  I will certainly use her in the future when I need writing or editing help."

Edward S. Balian, Ph.D.
Author of "The Graduate Research Guidebook" and "Buddha Plays 18"
"I brought Christine on board to help us finish The Graduate Research Guidebook.  We had run into some snags, and she jumped in and saved the day.  I will certainly use her in the future when I need writing and/or editing help."

Judith Balian
"I am very grateful for Christine's help in editing my book, From Iran to America. In comparing my original work to the final version, I was struck by the strongly positive impact of her changes and comments. Going beyond basic editing, Christine made constructive suggestions about omissions and additions, the importance of which I was not aware during the writing process. I’m looking forward to working with her on my next book which, by the way, I am already working on.

"Many thanks to Christine!"

Reza Mashayekhi
Author of "From Iran to America: Mahnaz and Shirin - A Love Story"
You know, I have been working on this project for over a year and have probably sent out 100 emails with very little results but after sending out only 10 of your revised email I got two pre-interviews with producers scheduled and one “you're not right for our show but we would love to profile you for our website.” I am super excited.

Jill Thomas, CCHT
Healthy Habits Hypnosis
"We've been doing business with Christine for several years, and have found her to be responsible, equitable, and dedicated to her work and to her clients."

Len & Sandy Schaffner
Computer Bears
Christine and I have collaborated on multiple writing projects since 2013. Christine is a phenomenal editor and professional. Several of my notable professional and academic achievements are linked to Christine’s services. She's shown real expertise at making my written communication more succinct, organized, and easy to comprehend. Great work!” — Jose Gomez, UnitedHealth Group, Healthcare Analytics Consultant - California Health Plan

Jose Gomez

On the advice of a colleague, I sent Christine the copy from my Yelp page and asked her if she could make it more compelling.  I am a writer, but it’s pretty clear I am not a marketing copywriter, which I have discovered is a very special skill. Christine took my words and made them sound more concise and much more compelling, and suddenly my phone started ringing from people who found me on Yelp.

I was sold! After that, I sent her pretty much everything I wrote, including all the marketing copy for my website (which she made 1000 times better), my brochures, and eventually even a “Please have me as a guest on your radio show" letter that I sent to producers, which got me booked on a ton of radio shows..thank you for that, Christine.

Very easy to work with, her services paid for itself many times over with increased client calls. Overall, I highly recommend her services!

Jill Thomas, CHT
Healthy Habits Hypnosis

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