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Monday, August 1st, 2016

Mother little girl 8-1-16

Mary was born, a blessing from above, when the Great Depression had just begun.

With food and money running low, being a child wasn’t always fun.


A pretty young girl, determined and bright…gracious and demure, a caring friend.

She followed a winding path toward, somewhere she’d be content in the end.


Forever loyal to her faith, Mary prayed to every saint.

And who should come and turn her head? None other than Henry, who made her heart faint!


Mary was truly ahead of her time—mother, wife, and working too.

Commitment to family and support from Harry, it was these that carried her through.


Reading mysteries in the kitchen, crunchy cookies and coffee beside her.

Rochester cold and deer so bold, fewer now were things that tried her.


Daughters and mothers, tough combination, love is often lost in translation.

But a family built on belief in God, endures through trials to celebration.


Flowers and snow, and Harry beside her, Mary needed little more,

Compassionate, giving, happy, and peaceful…things she possessed, not bought in a store.


Mary has gone to a Heavenly space, her beauty now shines in that glorious place.

Free from pain and worry and harm, she’s dancing for joy to songs of Grace.


Never prideful, ever meek, kindness glowed in her so bright.

A nature like Mary’s so precious and rare—all we wish now is to reflect your light!