The greatest, most intelligent or profound idea in the world is useless unless you can communicate it to others. If you want to express your thoughts, story, or information in writing, I will help you do so in a way that reflects your unique style or theme.

Working closely together, we will transform your vision into a unique, well-written piece – of any length – to be read and appreciated by all.



Let Us Help You Write Your Book!

You have a ground-breaking, world-changing, awe-inspiring idea for a non-fiction book or novel. But how do you get what’s in your head into writing? And not just writing, but powerful use of language and ideas that will grab your readers from page one, and keep them reading? Tell Me What You Want To Say will work with you one-on-one to develop your ideas, organize them, and expand them into your first book. I give you suggestions, offer critique, and provide practical ideas geared to shaping your manuscript.

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