Why do non-fiction authors need a Book Proposal?

A Book Proposal is a marketing tool required by non-fiction book authors to acquire a literary agent or sell their book idea to a Publisher. Having one is necessary for all first-time authors, since virtually all non-fiction books are sold via a book proposal. In fact, a proposal is so important, most agents and publishers will not even look at your book or book idea without one! In addition, many books are rejected solely because of a poorly written book proposal.


Why Tell Me What You Want To Say?

We are one of literally a handful of professional book proposal writers on the west coast. Because we specialize in this type of marketing tool, we know how to write proposals that give your book idea the best chance at publication. Our unique format comes directly from a top San Diego literary agent, whose decades of experience have provided us knowledge of what publishers look for when evaluating a non-fiction book query. Firsthand experience with book proposals makes us qualified to present your idea in the most effectual and compelling way possible.*


Book Proposals:

    • We can write book proposals WITH you or FOR you
    • Assist in developing your concept and “book hook”
    • Structure, format, and collate the various parts of your book proposal
    • Conduct necessary research related to the market for your book
    • Edit your self-written book proposal as needed, to ensure that it presents your book idea with the goal of MAXIMUM IMPACT.


* Although we work with publishers and agents, we cannot guarantee your book or book idea will result in a publishing contract.

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