My Sacred Space

I lie on my soft bed and feel my dog’s warm, furry weight plop down next to me with heavy contentment. I close my eyes and go to my Sacred Space.

I know I am safe and loved here, in this beautiful place. I am not alone because God is here, filling the space with light and love and peace. Here I see things of life that bring me th006e most joy, things simple and free to eyes that see them. Here there is dazzling sunlight in a perfect sky, next to the warm, golden glow within a pretty, curtained bedroom. Bright flowers of every color dot the sky and green land, the breathless frailty of their perfect petals looking like little pieces of Heaven against the blue.



I see white Mission walls and bright mustard fields looking like blurry brushstrokes of yellow on green. Bees hum in the hanging tendrils of a Pepperwood tree, as shadows of clouds move across the bare distant hills leading to the sea. I run easily past a field of shimmering diamonds across the ocean as a salty breeze touches my skin.





There are things to be done and I know I will do them…later. There are favorite burritos to be eaten, and movies to watch, and words to be written, and people to talk to.


There is love to be given and 0thers to help if I can. There is me all alone and waiting for the gentle push of God, where to go next. It is so lovely here I don’t want to open my eyes, but I must. The real world awaits, but… more and more overlaps and intertwines with my Sacred Space every day, until my life here ends and another begins.


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