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Strange Chemistry – The Stories Your Chemistry Teacher Wouldn’t Tell You

Saturday, July 29th, 2017

How about a little game of chemistry trivia…

  • What is the most addictive substance?
  • What is the most commonly used explosive in North America?
  • Why should vegans avoid Reese’s Pieces candy?
  • How can Visine® kill you?
  • What is the only known aphrodisiac?
  • Which drug has the worst withdrawal symptoms?

How many of the above can you answer (no fair Googling…)? These are only a few of the odd-and- intriguing topics discussed by Dr. Steven Farmer in his new book, Strange Chemistry—The Stories Your Chemistry Teacher Wouldn’t Tell You. Dr. Farmer, a tenured chemistry professor at Sonoma State University, shows you how a subject that might have bored you in high school – chemistry – shows up everywhere in our daily lives. There’s loads of cool information you never knew, I guarantee…ranging from the chemical basis of illicit drugs, to everyday products that can kill us; from some surprising (eew!) ingredients of ordinary food, to the low-down on explosives and radioactivity. And yes, it does get a bit dark, for those of you who like a little thrill with your isopentenyl diphosphate and kermesic acid.

I had the extreme pleasure of editing Steve’s book, which you can purchase by clicking on the link below. Get it for your kid in high school. Who knows? The way this book gets the reader glued, they might just decide to become a chemistry major!

Sweetser’s “Crazy Panic”: Showing Women How to Give Anxiety the Boot!

Saturday, May 17th, 2014

003I’m proud to announce the publication of Crazy Panic by first-time author Jennifer Sweetser. In her straightforward, upbeat and humorous style, Jennifer describes how panic attacks and depression can make women feel like they’re crazy, obviously far from the truth. Crazy Panic is a light, easy-to-understand discussion of both the environmental and physiological causes of these disorders, and more significantly, the numerous practical – and in many cases medication-free – ways sufferers can find relief or resolution.

Sweetser shares, “When panic attacks and depression showed up in my life at a young age, I began to study these disorders like crazy. I wanted to know ‘what’ was happening to me, ‘why’ it was happening, and ‘how’ I could stop it from happening again. In this book, you will learn how to recognize symptoms and triggers, and about practical things you can do to find relief. … Anxiety and depression are very common, but also very treatable. In this book, we will discuss the mental and physical processes involved with anxiety and depressive disorders, and offer simple techniques to help you get back to doing the things you love to do, like…well…you know, shopping for fabulous handbags and adorable shoes!”

Yes, even bling-loving girly-girls like the author can be afflicted by these serious disorders. But Sweetser is living proof that women are often stronger than they look! Let her show you how to fight and win the battle for a happy, normal life. What’s even better, the boots you use to stomp out depression and anxiety may be an awesome shade of pink!

Crazy Panic, which I had the extreme pleasure of copyediting, is available now on

John Linthurst – The Real Deal

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

Sell Art Online

John Linthurst is a genius in the perception and expression of light, color, form, concepts, and emotion. Experience his digital media renderings all throughout February at the Poway Center for Performing Arts. You may wind up taking home one of his original prints…they are irresistible in their beauty and appeal. John Linthurst’s art is THE REAL DEAL!

Five to Fifteen: A Woman, A Prison, A Redemption

Saturday, January 26th, 2013
Author Denise Sassoon shortly after her release from Arizona State Prison for Women

Author Denise Sassoon shortly after her release from Arizona State Prison for Women

Get your copy of Five to Fifteen today

In September of 1975, Denise Sassoon entered the front gates of Arizona State Prison for Women inside the back of a government transport truck, sentenced to “no less than five, no more than fifteen” years of incarceration. At 21 years old, how had she – a 60’s Hippie peace-love-freedom child – wound up in this strange, callous, and violent place? And if she managed to live through her years there, who or what would she have to become? Five to Fifteen is Denise’s story, fascinating in its detailed and personal perspective not only on surviving in prison during the mid-70’s, but living amidst the rampant drug culture of the 60’s through the 80’s, and enduring the soul-rending ravages of rape, addiction, and societal intolerance. Five to Fifteen is an amazing and inspiring story of triumph over adversity, evidence that even the most extreme human pain can lay a foundation of strength and hope for others.

Denise Sassoon did, indeed, survive her years at Arizona State Prison, though not unscathed emotionally and spiritually. Her experiences prior to, during, and after her incarceration more than qualified her to help others seeking freedom from the same difficulties. Since 1988, Denise has worked continuously in some aspect of prison re-entry programs or drug/alcohol treatment, including counseling clients, training counselors and support staff, managing in-house treatment programs for prison inmates, and assisting with or directing residential treatment facilities. She also helped develop pioneer programs for ex-convicts with drug and alcohol dependency issues, that later served as models for state-wide treatment curricula. Denise currently resides alongside her family in her home town of Tucson, Arizona.

Clever & Fun Animal Caricatures

Saturday, May 15th, 2010

In my struggle – and I do mean struggle – to acquire a “web presence,” and become even a rank amateur in social media (including these blogging entries, dear reader), ” I have met some awesome individuals who are way ahead of me in this game.

One of them is Adam Record, a very gifted artist who does illustrations of mostly people and animals. Check him out on Adam tells me that his drawings are published in many children’s books, and I can certainly see why! The fun style of his characters makes the prints excellent to just frame and hang! Three of them are about to be displayed on one of the walls of my office.

If I were not so techno-disabled, I would be able to post a few of Adam’s works right here on this blog – help me, Adam! Yes, Adam also has computer technology talent, which he utilizes alongside his brother Shawn Record (and others) to produce websites. Their company is called EBSI Websites,, and as a matter of fact, they created my website for me! EBSI is another arena where Adam’s artistic design talent is demonstrated, along with that of the rest of the company’s team.

Hopefully Adam will tell me how to get a couple of my favorite characters he’s created to appear right here, so that you can enjoy them while perusing my blog. My struggles with technology continue (sigh), but I have to credit myself with having some desire to progress, albeit slowly…