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Sweetser’s “Crazy Panic”: Showing Women How to Give Anxiety the Boot!

Saturday, May 17th, 2014

003I’m proud to announce the publication of Crazy Panic by first-time author Jennifer Sweetser. In her straightforward, upbeat and humorous style, Jennifer describes how panic attacks and depression can make women feel like they’re crazy, obviously far from the truth. Crazy Panic is a light, easy-to-understand discussion of both the environmental and physiological causes of these disorders, and more significantly, the numerous practical – and in many cases medication-free – ways sufferers can find relief or resolution.

Sweetser shares, “When panic attacks and depression showed up in my life at a young age, I began to study these disorders like crazy. I wanted to know ‘what’ was happening to me, ‘why’ it was happening, and ‘how’ I could stop it from happening again. In this book, you will learn how to recognize symptoms and triggers, and about practical things you can do to find relief. … Anxiety and depression are very common, but also very treatable. In this book, we will discuss the mental and physical processes involved with anxiety and depressive disorders, and offer simple techniques to help you get back to doing the things you love to do, like…well…you know, shopping for fabulous handbags and adorable shoes!”

Yes, even bling-loving girly-girls like the author can be afflicted by these serious disorders. But Sweetser is living proof that women are often stronger than they look! Let her show you how to fight and win the battle for a happy, normal life. What’s even better, the boots you use to stomp out depression and anxiety may be an awesome shade of pink!

Crazy Panic, which I had the extreme pleasure of copyediting, is available now on