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Lingerie Marketing Piece No. 2

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

Item Description:

Ivory Bra and Thong Set – Beautiful, elegant, and sexy – all describe this set by Axami lingerie, imported from Europe. Ultra-feminine rose pink and ivory beige tones highlight the adjustable-strap demi bra, which features removable bump-pads to provide slight lift and bust enhancement, as well as underwire support. Finished with exquisite embroidered detailing and bow accents, the bra and panty set comes with a matching thong G-string.

Blog Piece Introducing Ivory Bra and Thong Set:

If you love feminine elegance and sensual design, you won’t be able to resist the latest addition to the lingerie collection of Pampered Passions Fine Lingerie: our Ivory Bra and Thong Set, from Axami Lingerie. Axami’s experienced and high-end designers have crafted yet another ingeniously artistic piece of premium-quality intimate-wear.
Imported from Europe, the set includes an adjustable-strap demi bra with removable bump-pads that add slight lift and bust enhancement, and matching panties. Adding to the bra’s functional features is underwire support. With the set, we send you the ultra-feminine, same-style G-string thong, making this a three-piece pleaser.

The functional features of the Ivory Bra and Thong Set support and highlight your body’s natural, beautiful curves and lines. But functional becomes fabulous with the set’s artistic pink/rose and beige-over-ivory embroidered detail, and pretty bow accents.

The Ivory Bra and Thong Set is something you can wear just for yourself – feel great reveling in your own delightful femininity – or to share with a partner. Either way, you can depend on Pampered Passions’ commitment to quality materials and construction. Our goal is to keep our customers pleased with their purchase from our collection, each and every time they put it on.

With expert design, functionality, quality of workmanship – there’s no reason not to indulge in the enjoyment of your body wearing our Ivory Bra and Thong Set. The experience this set will give your senses is a gift to yourself, and can be a lovely, intimate way to share yourself with someone special. It’s another winner offered by Pampered Passions…visit us today.

Lingerie Marketing Piece

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

Item Description:

Item 4329 – Earthy and enticing leopard-print chemise hugs every curve, but still hints of mystery. Sheer Lycra net, trimmed with stretch lace, plunges in front and back with strappy detail adding to its sexy allure. A matching thong is included to complete the set.

Blog Piece Introducing Item 4329:

Pampered Passions Fine Lingerie proudly offers yet another chemise style scorching enough to wake up anyone in the bedroom. The Sexy Leopard chemise is a collaboration of expertise from our top-notch designers, whose winning track record makes each new design better than their last. Their latest – the Sexy Leopard chemise – is so alluring, you’ll instantly be in touch with your earthy and irresistible femininity. The animal-print fabric is reminiscent of natural, wild beauty, which is how you’ll feel when you slip it over your body.

As you’ve come to expect from Pampered Passions, our high-end design and attention to detail separates us from the rest of lingerie retailers. And cheap material or construction is never an option for us – we guarantee quality or we won’t offer it to our customers. This commitment to the very best is again evident in the Sexy Leopard chemise. Made with run-resistant, form-fitting Lycra net and featuring stretch lace trim with strappy detailing, the Sexy Leopard is sure to bring out the animal instincts in your lover. Plunging daringly low in both the front and back, the Sexy Leopard covers enough to lend mystery and entice further exploration. The outfit comes complete with a matching thong, setting the stage for your perfect romantic encounter.

Satisfy your own instinctual urges by wearing the Sexy Leopard chemise, and watch your bedroom turn into a jungle of exotic enjoyment. Once again you’ll see that Pampered Passions designs can turn a kitty-cat into a tiger, and make even the King of the Forest beg for mercy!

Marketing Copy for Website: Charles Lloyd, Realtor

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

With a history in real estate brokerage that spans over 35 years, Charles Lloyd – a Fallbrook native himself – is the “go-to” guy for property transactions in this unique area. School systems, land use, utilities, and county issues are among the topics he can address knowledgeably and from the vantage point of his long-time experience. Over the years, Charles has constructed a large, solid base of happy and satisfied clients, with whom he continues to associate.

Charles has specialized in single-family or multiple-family homes, as well as commercial properties. In addition, he is an authority in the area of land and lot-splitting involving both parcel maps (five parcels or less) as well as subdivisions (five parcels or more).

According to Charles, the last five years have been a period of change in the Fallbrook/Bonsall overall property picture. Real estate has become more expensive, as evidenced by the numerous million-dollar properties currently in this region. Charles’ theory about this trend toward higher-end real estate is that the high costs and time involved with lot-splitting has resulted in increased price-tags. Splitting a lot, which a few years ago took about 12 months, may now require three to four years to complete.

Charles has been directly involved with the effects of county regulations governing lot-splits, and has witnessed the county’s introduction of new required studies (and their resultant costs) correlating to higher listing prices.

Fortunately, Charles’ veteran status as a broker in this area has resulted in strong relationships with numerous area contractors. These ties, along with his years of selling property in this region, give Charles the advantage of knowing what to do, when to do it, and who to use for best service, cost, and efficiency. The business challenges that are presented by the political, economic, and social issues of this community drive him to utilize his masterful approach in finding solutions.

Charles’ favorite type of real estate transaction is, of course, “one that is closed.” Seriously, though, he is deeply gratified by his work in the Fallbrook community, and is known in the industry for his integrity and prioritization of customers’ needs. From start to finish of any transaction, Charles advocates for his clients and is there for them throughout. “I’m not going anyplace,” he says.

Though he has traveled extensively, Charles still finds Fallbrook one of the best and most unique places to live in the world. He believes it is sought after for its countryside setting and laid-back charm. “I think a lot of people live here for the privacy,” he adds.

Rebeca de Villiers is an essential part of the Lloyd Team, and has been involved with real estate for the last six years. Having lived in Switzerland and Mexico for most of her life, she is fluent in Spanish and French. Rebeca, who has three school-aged children, moved to Fallbrook in 1997. She continues to learn about Fallbrook/North County real estate as her years here accumulate, and as a by-product of being mentored by Charles. Involvement with her children and with their schools’ PTA’s also keeps her happily busy and in touch with the needs of families in the community.

Charles and Rebeca wish to welcome you to the beautiful Fallbrook/Bonsall communities, and are ready to help you find the residence that will truly make this area your home.

Please contact Rebeca at (760) 468-0996, or via e-mail at Charles Lloyd can be reached at (760) 685-2163, or e-mail