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It’s Time To Write

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

Fear of the empty, white blog… The only remedy is to push through it and POST. So here goes.

Tell Me What You Want To Say is the realization of a dream, pushed aside and back for decades, and a self-proclaimed silly, impractical idea. That I could open my writing – with my own thoughts and style – to the world, and assist other people with this form of expression, were not things I thought I would or could ever do. At first…

However, as years of working in safer, structured, administrative-type positions (my favorite duties in these “secretarial” jobs, by the way, consistently involved writing, composition, and organization of ideas)passed by, my belief in my skill grew. Honestly, this was part of a general change of philosophy from devaluing and discrediting myself to accepting and nurturing myself. An excruciatingly slow and sometimes tiresome metamorphosis, but well worth every tiny increment of improvement…

Thus I present myself to you without apology, but with the hope that you recognize value in what I produce, as well as in what I can help you to produce.

Because good writing IS important, for it must convey very specific ideas – sometimes emotions and moods, information, directions, descriptions. Consider that a master painter’s creative ability is moot unless he knows how to use his oils or acrylics with precision. Similarly, even the most genius of artistic minds is without effect unless one has skill in language and words to express his thoughts.

It is my privilege to help you find a way to express your ideas, your genius, your special character. Practical or creative, business or personal, direct or meandering – it is all worthy.